2nd Night Community Passover Seder

April 16, 2022, 6:00 pm

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Meeting ID: 898 7336 9663
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301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)


Please let others know about the Seder. The fuller our Zoom table, the better. We can’t wait to celebrate this inter-generational experience with each of you!

Items to gather before the Seder
In creating this list, we tried to represent different cultural expressions of Judaism throughout time and space. Do not worry if you cannot find everything on this comprehensive list. Also, we invite you to get creative and use your imagination!

  1. Karpas: parsley, celery, radishes, or green onions,
  2. Charoset: Click here for charoset recipes from around the world!
  3. Maror: romaine lettuce, horseradish or collard greens
  4. Bowl of salt water or vinegar
  5. Roasted egg or a cooked potato 
  6. Shank bone or broiled beet
  7. One scallion per person
  8. At least three sheets of matzah
  9. At least four cups of wine or grape juice
  10. Cup for Elijah – fill with grape juice or wine
  11. Cup for Miriam – fill with water
  12. Pillow for each participant
  13. Hand Sanitizer (or water) for handwashing
  14. A small bowl of sunflower seeds
  15. Please print out enough boards of the Passover Bingo so that each person can have their own board.
  16. Personal favorite art supplies to create Passover inspired art throughout the Seder or follow along with this Coloring Book Haggadah