Celebrate Simchat Torah

October 10, 2020, 7:00 pm

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Come and rejoice in the giving of the Torah! We look forward to having you join us virtually!

Simchat Torah will be live streamed from our website. Click here to join. 

Simchat Torah literally means the joy of the Torah. CJC’s celebration of Simchat Torah has always felt like a big party celebrating the Torah and all it symbolizes. Our holiday celebrations are filled with music provided by our cantors and the klezmer band, Israeli dancing provided by congregants, and of course the unrolling of the Torah led by David Zinner. Each piece allowing us to acknowledge the important role the Torah has as the foundation of who we are as Jews while at the same time being incredibly grateful for the 3000 years of interpretation that has built an amazing tradition on top of the Torah not trying to replace it nor willing to be enslaved by it. Rather acknowledging the wisdom, and spirituality embedded in it and in us. All of this serious fun topped off with a really tasty caramel apple.

This year, COVID-19 changes how we celebrate Simchat Torah but it never can change the role the Torah plays in our hearts and souls. In order to truly honor the Torah and all its many gifts, I ask you to consider doing a couple of things.

      1. Consider buying your own caramel apples and having the first one of the season ready after the service.
      2. Check out the links below to learn some Israeli dances. Cantor Kintisch will sing different songs throughout the night                                                        where you can dance at home with him singing.
      3. Move some furniture out of the way so that you can dance at home.
      4. Tune in to our service. Participate by singing, dancing and/or learning along with the small minyan of people who will be at The Meeting House        in person.

Instead of unrolling the Torah we will be reading from 7 (5 more than usual) portions of the Torah. After each reading we will share a poem, song, or short drosh that will contemporize and explain that part of the Torah.


Simchat Torah will be live streamed from our website. Click here to join.