Community Viewpoints on Immigration Series

October 22, 2019    
7:30 pm

CJC is sponsoring a series of speakers on “How Our Neighbors View Immigration Issues. ”   Diverse perspectives and experiences will be presented from the Indian-American, Korean-American, Hispanic and Quaker communities.  Learn about their shared and varied viewpoints on this very complex topic. These presentations will be offered in a respectful non-adversarial atmosphere and are open to the public.

October 22, 2019
Roz Zinner and Bette Hoover

Each of these speakers – Ms. Zinner from CJC and Ms. Hoover from Patapsco Friends Meeting (Quaker)   – are hosting immigrants applying for asylum and will explain the process, joy and challenge of their generosity towards ‘the stranger.’

October 29, 2019
Pastor Kyu Kim

This prominent pastor and community leader from the Korean-American community discusses his viewpoint and those of his parishioners on immigration.

November 12, 2019
Dr. Anita Padney

This Indian-American academic and advocate for immigrants discusses her work and how many low-income Hispanic immigrants fare in Howard County.