Journeying Up the Mountain, Again and Again…

May 17, 2022    
7:00 pm

with Rabbi Ilyse Kramer

Every celebration of a Jewish Holiday anticipates a bit of preparation beforehand: Elul reflections before the High Holy Days; Cooking, and a lot of Cleaning before Passover!  During the 7 weeks between Passover and Shavuot, we prepare for  Revelation at Sinai, again and again, through the acts of study, self-reflection, and of counting the omer (49 days). 

In our three weeks together, let’s focus on a few topics to prime the pump, so to speak… and ask some questions:

  1. How do we attempt  (and, can we really) to house/locate the Divine? Buildings, Bodies, and Souls… No calves!
  2. How does forgiveness and gratitude open the doors to renewal?
  3. What does your path to Sinai look like?
  4. Where does it take you in your journey?

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READINGS FOR SERIES: “Climbing the Mountain…”
*Please print out all materials for the series to use in class together.
Tuesday, May 17, Session #1: Mourning, Moving on, and Resilience; and, a set of three reflections to be used in class at each session.
Tuesday, May 24, Session #2: Hagar and Sarah, article; r’ Toba Spitzer
Tuesday, May 31, Session #3: God is Here (r’ Toba Spitzer); Dr. Erica Brown article