Pop-Up Learning Session with Rabbi Michael

February 16, 2023    
7:00 pm

Across the country, this week, Jewish communities will mark Reproductive Rights Shabbat. 

WHY THIS SHABBAT? Repro Shabbat takes place, annually, on the Shabbat when we read Parashat Mishpatim – the Torah portion that contains the verses commonly referenced as the foundation to Judaism’s approach to reproductive health.   

Reproductive Rights Shabbat offers us an opportunity to dig into our Jewish textual tradition in order to deepen our understanding of the Jewish perspective on the fetus, the start of life and reproductive rights. 

We invite you to join this virtual learning session – facilitated by Rabbi Michael – from 7-7:45pm on Thursday, February 16th. Feel free to come in your comfy pants with a cup of tea (or dinner) in hand. This will be an opportunity for both text study and text grappling!

Please register in advance for the Zoom link.