The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

January 29, 2023    
1:00 pm

Come join us on a virtual tour of the Secret Annex in the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam to examine the extraordinary life of Anne Frank and how her legacy continues to inspire young people today. Led by educators from the Anne Frank House this webinar will leave plenty of time for Q&A. Prior to the virtual tour please view the powerful documentary “The Short Life of Anne Frank” to prepare for the webinar.

Aaron Peterer has been working for the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam since 2002. Being Austrian he had the opportunity to do his civil service in the form of a memorial service for 14 months at the Anne Frank House. After completion of his service he continued working in the International Department of the Anne Frank House. Today he is a Project Manager in the Educational Projects Department. He has worked in Western, as well as in non-Western educational and cultural settings. He co-conceptualized the Free2choose-Create and Memory Walk film workshops, where students create debate films on human rights dilemmas and on memorialization. These educational projects are implemented all across the globe in cooperation with partner organizations. Aaron holds a degree in Comparative Arts and Media Studies from the Free University of Amsterdam.

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