The Old Jewish Quarter of London

March 12, 2023    
1:00 pm

With a host of color slides to accompany his live commentary, join Stephen Burstin on his virtual tour of the fascinating Old Jewish Quarter in London’s famous East End. Explore with him the enthralling history and rich heritage of the Jewish community with interesting sights to behold and incredible stories of people and places to hear. Discover why there was a staggering 156 synagogues in just two square miles of the East End; see the Jewish Soup Kitchen, lifesaver to thousands every day; the first Yiddish theatre in England, scene of a real life tragedy. Hear heart warming and heart breaking stories, from the hilarious spiel of traders in famous Petticoat Lane Market to the impoverished immigrants escaping East European oppression only to face wretched living conditions here and a life of toil in the notorious clothing sweatshops. You will also learn about the infamous Jewish Catwalk where unsuspecting Jewish immigrant girls were lured into a tragic life of prostitution. Meet colourful characters from the past including the real-life 19th century Fagin; England’s chief rabbi who told Russia: “DON’T let my people go!”; and the secret Jew who became the Queen’s physician. Stephen will even tell you about the amazing Jewish connection with the infamous Jack the Ripper. There’s lots more to see and hear on this fascinating virtual tour.

Stephen Burstin, of Jewish London Walking Tours, is a former national newspaper journalist who turned to conducting Jewish-themed tours 25 years ago. He spent three years in the eternal city of Rome where he took tours around the Jewish Ghetto, the Coliseum and other iconic sites before returning to his roots in the Jewish East End of London. He now conducts a repertoire of around 10 different tours ranging from London’s Old Jewish Quarter to the magnificent Hampton Court Palace with amazing Jewish connections too and his five virtual tours are based on five of his walking tours.

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