A Shekel Saved is a Shekel Earned

by Gary Toller, Treasurer

This month’s blog deals with CJC finances. Like any organization, CJC relies on commitment from its congregants to enable the full-service support that characterizes our congregation. The dedicated clergy and other employees, the volunteers who serve on the Board, and the many other volunteers that have kept CJC humming along for 51 years, have all played crucial roles in forming a community worthy of our time, effort, monetary support, and participation.

CJC chose to follow the sustaining voluntary pledge model, now entering its fourth year. Everyone is informed of the per person donation amount needed to balance our budget and continue our full-service operations. This year, as always, the annual budget will be presented at the congregation’s annual meeting in May. We aim for fiscal transparency! It is currently CJC pledge season. Give what you can! Pledge from the heart. We offer flexible payment plans and spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that every dollar is spent wisely.

There are some positive fiscal factoids to share. Our cash reserves have remained stable over the past several years. Very, very stable. We had small surpluses the previous two fiscal years and we are estimating a small deficit in this challenging pandemic year. CJC applied for and received a federal government Small Business Administration PPP loan for non-profit organizations, intended to maintain staff levels during the COVID-19 pandemic. We succeeded in maintaining staff levels and are currently applying for full loan forgiveness.

The next budget will have some uncertainties folded in. Those uncertainties take the form of impacts from COVID-19, the integration of CJCS into CJC, and the as-yet unknown expenditures in the incipient clergy contracts. The unknowns are addressed by vigilance in tracking and reporting our fiscal condition at a monthly Board meeting. Now, as we receive our vaccines and can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, let us all look forward to another positive year for our community.
Happy Passover everyone! Chag Sameach! L’Chaim!