Green Team

CJC’s Green Team meets the second Monday of each month to discuss and plan activities that promote environmental sustainability and resilience. We aim to promote action at the individual, congregational, interfaith, state and federal levels by reducing our environmental footprint, as well as by positively influencing policy.  We collaborate with Oakland Mills Interfaith Center congregations to make our facility more environmentally sustainable, and to provide educational opportunities for ourselves and the surrounding community.  Click here to attend our monthly meetings via Zoom.

To learn about the CJC Green Team’s work with our partner OMI congregation green teams, please go to the OMI Green Team website. There you’ll learn about our many activities on, in and near OMI, and register to be an active participant! Whether you like to garden, want to learn about electrification, solar energy, stormwater mitigation, native plants, plastic reduction and more, please check us out! We have activities for the entire family.

CLICK HERE to go to the OMI Green Team website 


The OMI Green Team, consisting of the Green Teams of all the congregations within OMI, has been awarded THREE NEW GRANTS from the Howard County Office of Community Sustainability. All three grants build upon successful completion of last year’s grants. The first new grant is a follow-up to last year’s PREP grant and aids in making OMI more sustainable, including compost pick up, compostable dinnerware, environmental teachings, stormwater management and environmental education/webinars, among others.  It also host’s the OMI Green Spring Fling, which will be held again May 2024.  The other two new grants will address stormwater management deficiencies along the southern edge or office side of the building. New drainage pipes and trench drains will direct water to the new stormwater retention basin located south of the existing one. Once we obtain funding for the already designed upper parking lot retention basin construction, we at OMI will have state-of-the-art stormwater retention and management throughout the entire property.

We are GRATEFUL for volunteers from within and outside the OMI community who have helped us establish our many successful programs.  With our additional grants, the OMI Green Team is in need of many more. We are looking for folks to help with the website, publicity, environmental teachings within the OMI community and nearby schools, stormwater practices, environmental cleanup, eliminating non compostables within OMI, as well as gardening and plant maintenance.  We have master gardeners who can teach you if you do not already know how!

We have activities the 1st and 3rd Sunday of most months (and other days as needed) you can contact us at for more information.  We are open to folks of all ages; middle schoolers or below must be accompanied by a parent.  Our Youth Green Team which meets on the first Sunday of the month offers experiences for all ages 2 and up.  More info at



 PLEASE CLICK HERE to view slides of Jewish Texts and the Environment and Climate Change from Yom Kippur 2021 Discussion Group

We are all inundated with trash. Click here for suggestions which can help you minimize your impact on our fragile environment.