Adult Activities

  • Adult Education – Come and partake of the highest mitzvah of all! Feast on the ultimate soul food…study! CJC is pleased to offer a variety of adult courses guaranteed to feed the soul, stimulate the brain, and, in some cases, even nourish the body and the taste buds.
  • Caring Committee – The Caring Committee helps fellow congregants with occasional, short term needs like rides to appointments and services, meals during recuperation and other requests. All committee communication is through email so there are no meetings to attend. If you need the committee’s help call 410-730-6044.
  • Chapter 2 – Chapter 2 meets once a month at CJC, mid to late morning, for coffee, nosh, schmoozing and discussion of travel tips and ideas. We also plan for group day trips or overnight trips.
  • Cultural Arts – The Ed Padow Cultural Arts Committee. If you would like to bring art and culture to CJC and the community, consider the Cultural Arts Committee. If you have talent, consider offering it also.
  • Men’s Club – The objective of the CJC Men’s Club is to provide opportunities for social interaction for members. We also seek to involve ourselves in activities that will benefit the synagogue, be of service to the community, and provide enjoyment to our members and the entire congregation.
  • Social Committee – The objective of the Social Committee is to provide social opportunities for members, including baseball games, pool parties, special events, picnics and field trips.