Many members of CJC are the descendants of Jews and non-Jews who immigrated to the US because of persecution, poverty and conflict in their home countries.  Supporting the rights of Soviet Jewry was an important cause for members in the 1980s as well as helping local immigrants find their footing.  We now find ourselves advocating for a new generation of immigrants who have fled from their homes in  Central and South America for many of the same reasons as our relatives.

In February 0f 2017, CJC’s Board of Directors passed a policy supporting immigration reform. Click here to view the policy.

In August 2019, we helped found the Howard County Coalition for Immigrant Justice (HCCIJ). Twelve partners in the interfaith and civic community have joined us including the Howard County Board of Rabbis. Click here to read our mission statement and click here to read policies adopted by HCCIJ. For more information and/or to be included on a listserv with immigration updates, contact Anna Rubin at

Since this  policy was passed, CJC’s Tikkun Olam/Social Justice Committee has presented a number of workshops and programs on issues affecting immigrants in which we:

  • Organized pro bono lawyers to help applicants for asylum complete their required applications
  • Presented programs on immigrants’ rights
  • Worked with other faith communities and secular groups to promote various progressive rallies and presentations
  • Lobbied our legislators on the county and state level regarding immigrant rights
  • Negotiated with county police for immigrant-friendly policies
  • Presented programs with local groups such as FIRN*, CASA de Maryland and Human Rights First
  • Supported a member family providing sanctuary to a Honduran family who recently arrived.

*Foreign Information Referral Network