Standing for Racial Justice

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February Black History Celebration

Feb. 23 – Cantor Steve Hummel leads a service celebrating the close of Black History Month.  Judy Vogel, co-chair of Standing for Racial Justice Committee, facilitates a short discussion of what we learned and what topics we want to explore next. 

Feb. 16 – R’ Michael celebrates accomplished Americans who are both Black and Jewish.

Feb. 9 – R’ Michael honors the poetry of Maya Angelou, American writer, dancer and civil rights activist. 

Feb. 2 – Mrs. Janice Curtis Greene, Master Storyteller, Historical Reenactor and American Griot presents family-friendly storytelling, preceded by a pot luck dinner.

Honoring MLK Day

Jan. 12 – MLK Birthday Shabbat –– R’ Michael celebrates King’s many accomplishments in a Shabbat service and shares a speech of his from 1963.



Dec. 23 – Rabbi Emerita Sonya Starr gave her annual lecture and the subject was housing justice as racial justice.  Jen Broderick, director of Bridges for Housing Stability, discussed housing issues in Howard County.

Aug. 13 – The CJC community discussed This is the Fire:  What I say to my Friends About Racism by the journalist Don Lemon and shared stories from their own personal experiences.

Jul. 23 – Novelist Chimamanda Adichie’s celebrated TED Talk on “The Dangers of a Single Story,” was the subject of a spirited discussion on the dangers of stereotypes.



Deep in Our Memories

Traumatic experiences leave permanent scars on one’s soul and genetics. Historical trauma that happens to a whole community magnifies those scars. This session examines the research on historical trauma as it applies to Jews and African Americans including similarities and important differences.

This presentation was held February 14, 2021. (Once you click on the link, you can advance to 17:08 where the session begins.)

1619, 1654, 2020: Jews, Race and U.S. History

As American Jews, we are deeply concerned about systemic racism and seek ways we may be able to help. Join us for a candid journey through American Jewish history as we explore historical documents about Jews and racism. We will think about what it means to “become American” and the ways that racism has impacted the Jewish community.

This presentation by Dr. Marc Dollinger was held January 31, 2021.