B’nai Mitzvah Projects


April is coming up, which means, for me, my bat mitzvah is also coming up! One of my strongest passions has always been food – both eating it and cooking it – and I want to make sure that others are able to experience the same joy that food brings me. For my mitzvah project, I am making meal kits (bags of packaged food that can be easily made into a delicious meal) and giving them to the Howard County Food Bank. The meal kits will go to people who sadly can’t provide food for themselves. I was wondering if you guys could donate some money that I could use to buy the groceries. Any extra money will be donated to the Howard County Food Bank. I have attached a link to the meal kits that I will be making and a link to my mom’s Venmo account that you can send money to with the label “Meal Kit Donation.” Let’s make the world a better place, one meal kit at a time! Meal Kit Flyers Venmo Account