B’nai Mitzvah Projects


In fourth grade, I did a project on snow leopards. I found them interesting and I also found that I felt very connected to them. They live in different places like Poland and Russia and these are places that I feel connected to because of my Jewish ancestors. I also understand their personality – sometimes they are peaceful and pretty chill, and sometimes they are a little aggressive. I am like that too. For these reasons, I feel a real sense of connection to snow leopards.

Snow leopards are a very important part of our ecosystem and they are important predators. Without them, our environment would become imbalanced because herbivores would increase which would cause a change in vegetation and our habitat. The snow leopards are also needed because they also provide food for people in certain areas of the world.

I learned that due to hunting and people misunderstanding them, these leopards have become an endangered species. I decided to focus my Bar Mitzvah Project on helping to protect them. I am collecting money to spread awareness that they should not be killed and to help educate people who live near snow leopards on how to live in peace with them.

Please support me by donating to the Snow Leopard Trust. Your donation is a recognition of how important it is to protect this animal that I have loved and supported for 4 years and hope to support for many more years.




My name is Simone Tabak and my bat mitzvah is coming up in June.  For my mitzvah project I am raising money for Last Chance Animal Rescue in Waldorf, MD because this is the shelter where, five years ago, I got my dog, Buddy. Buddy makes me happy by doing funny stuff that makes me laugh.  I want other dogs and cats to get adopted because they are awesome too, just like Buddy. They are caring and have feelings and deserve lots of love. 

People can support my project in two ways:

1) I ask that people donate money to Last Chance to help them buy supplies like food and blankets for the animals. I will be putting a box in the lobby of OMI. You can drop your donations there. Here is a list of what they need.

2) I am also collecting donations of money. You can send money for my mitzvah project by clicking here.

And definitely think about adopting a pet so that they can have a happy home!



As a non-binary teen, I chose the Trevor Project for my B’nai Mitzvah fundraiser. I picked the Trevor Project because it offers support to LGBTQ youth who do not have the same support I do at home or from community. The mission of The Trevor Project is to end suicide among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning young people. Please help me reach my goal by clicking here and making a donation!

In addition to collecting money, I have designed and made pronoun pins that I am selling for $4. These pins can be worn everyday to let people know what your preferred pronouns are. Calling people by the correct pronouns is important to me because it is a way to make sure that people feel seen. 

The handmade pronoun pins have my original artwork and are $4 each. Shipping is 50 cents a pin (or you can arrange pick up/delivery in the Columbia, MD area). To order – please email lunamamakat@gmail.com

Jonah Kanowith

As a project for his upcoming Bar Mitzvah, Jonah is raising money to benefit Small Miracles Cat and Dog Rescue, and any donation will help make an impact. The Kanowith family adopted their dog Daisy from Small Miracles last year and appreciate the effort they make to save the lives of animals. Jonah wants to help them because he wants the animals they rescue to find good homes and have nice lives. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to him. https://gofund.me/9cb81206

Eli Becker

Please help Eli support Senior Dog Sanctuary of Maryland, Inc. As you may know, dog shelters try their best to provide accommodation for all dogs. But there aren’t enough resources. People help out by adopting dogs but many people overlook senior dogs. And in some cases, people abandon senior dogs for reasons such as the need for more medical care. The Maryland Senior Dog Sanctuary took all this into account and decided to provide a safe and comfortable living space for specifically senior dogs. They provide food, medical care, shelter, walks, and play around with volunteers. Click here to make a donation. Thank you.