Usher and Greeter Training

December 5, 2023    
7:00 pm

We invite you to register for CSS’s Usher & Greeter training session which has been arranged specifically for OMI congregations.  This is a one-hour virtual training by the non-profit Community Security Service (CSS) about how our Ushers & Greeters can enhance security of our congregations. 

It is important that current and prospective usher/greeters as well as leaders of our congregations attend.

 Topics covered include:

  • The Power of Hello
  • Recognizing suspicious activity
  • Identifying security threats
  • Access Control & Screening
  • Reducing and responding to threats to your community

This is a standalone program.  No background in security is required.

This live, interactive, and virtual session will be held via Zoom

For security reasons, CSS has asked that each person registering be validated as to their affiliation with an OMI congregation.  Since this will take some time, we are requesting that you register by November 27th.  (We are hoping that late registrations, which will require special handling, will be few in number.)

Sign Up for this Usher Greeter Session Here

When registering, please use the following information, as written:

  • FIRST NAME:  Enter your first name followed in parentheses by the name of your congregation.  For example, Hal Kassoff (Bet Aviv))
  • EMAIL:  Your best email address (will not be shared)
  • PHONE NUMBER: Your best phone number (will not be shared)
  • WEBINAR CODE: 88950561311
  • CITY: Columbia

Upon registering, you should receive an immediate pop-up that says “Thanks for submitting the form.” Within 2 business days, you should receive an email confirmation with the link and details of the session from “Zoom.” The subject line will say “Usher and Greeter for Bet Aviv (Columbia, MD)” – – Bet Aviv is mentioned since they initiated the training session on behalf of OMI.  . Please make sure to save the email that has your login credentials for the Usher & Greeter session.  

If you don’t receive the email with login details within 2 business days of registering (after checking your Spam or Junk Mail folders), please contact CSS at,   include the name “Oakland Mills Interfaith Center” and the webinar code, 88950561311, in your email).

While we’ve requested that you register by Monday, November 27th, if you register after that date, please notify Mike Shaw at (please note the underscore _ after the “m”) so that he may verify with your congregation your affiliation with OMI.  Please include the name of your congregation.  If you have any questions, you may also try Mike at his office number – 730-4090 extension 302.

If the session is about to start and you cannot find the link, please reach out to Mike Shaw at his email address noted above, which he will monitor right up to the time of the Zoom meeting. 

 Please note the following guidelines:

  • Do not share this registration information.
  • Sign in from a computer or tablet (phone not recommended) to participate. 
  • Access will be closed a few minutes after the appointed start time.
  • Please be prepared to participate. Usher and Greeter is meant to be interactive!
  • Once again, please register by November 27th.

Thank you for taking this important step toward enhancing the safety and security of our OMI congregations.

 Mike Shaw, OMI Building Manager
Hal Kassoff, Chair, OMI Security Committee