Gender Identity and Gender Expression

Beginning in Fall 2019, CJC brought a variety of gender identity programming to the congregation. The intention of these programs was to offer educational opportunities to the entire congregation, with the ultimate goal of requesting the CJC and CJCS boards to adopt an official position statement regarding gender identity. Here is that statement.

Gender Identity and Gender Expression Statement
Columbia Jewish Congregation (CJC) and Columbia Jewish Community School (CJCS) welcome all people regardless of gender identity or gender expression. Wherever individuals of any age identify on the spectrum of gender experiences, we are proud to have them and their families join us to celebrate their milestones, as well as our community observances and activities. We as a community will advocate for the rights of all congregants to live freely and safely among us.

This statement was accepted by both the CJC and CJCS boards.

Click here to view more detailed information Rabbi Sonya Starr shared during a B’Yachad service in February 2020.

Advocating for LGBTQ+ Youth
Please consider supporting a petition urging the HoCo Public Schools to create a more LGBTQIA+ inclusive curriculum and a safe and affirming environment critical to a student’s overall success in public education.

This petition has been spearheaded by CARY (Community Allies of Rainbow Youth), in a student-driven and community supported effort.