Mazel Tov

It’s a time-honored Jewish tradition to perform the mitzvah of tzedakah in honor of a simcha or special occasion as a birthday or anniversary. At CJC there are many ways to give tzedakah, you may want to consider supporting the congregation by sponsoring an Oneg or giving to any of CJC’s funds.

Happy Birthday to our congregants celebrating a birthday in JANUARY!

Matthew Alyaian Helen Kramer Andrew Rosenthal
Allen Berkowitz Blakely Lepski Saree Sendin
Julie Burns Erica Leventhal Jane Sherman
Ian Cohen Benjamin Levine Hadar Shernicoff
Julie Cooper George Lovera Lauren Silverglate
Cynthia Guy James Lubitz Victor Starr-Kramer
Eliana Holgate Reba Marblestone Stacey Stirmer
Judith Holzman Jocelyn Martin Mark Thomsen
Rebecca Hutchinson Geoff Martin Jennifer Toller
Rachel Ives Cindy Myles Keith Trout
Amy Kest Zack Newman Ruth Walderman
Don Klein Lily Peters Jenna Wallace
Shaina Knox Maxwell Quill Judy Young

Happy Anniversary to our congregants celebrating an anniversary in JANUARY!

Ira & Avis Horowitz

Beverly and Norman Belin