Mishloach Manot 2023

And the Jews made Purim, the 14th day of the month of Adar, a day of joyous celebration and a day
of sending gifts [mishloach manot] to one another.
[Esther 9:19]

In celebration of Purim, Jews around the world practice the mitzvah of mishloach manot – sending
small gifts – as a way to increase connection, wholeness, and joy in our Jewish
community. And why should this year be any different?! 

You are cordiallyinvited to participate in CJC’s 5783 Mishloach [Sending] Squad! 

Last year over 20 households participated in this mitzvot. Let’s double our participation this

To participate is easy
Here is all you have
to do –

1. SEND us your address

By entering your address into this form, you are committing to send and receive a Purim gift!

2. WAIT…in a few days, you will receive the address of a fellow CJC member/family. These addresses will be assigned randomly.


Once you have been assigned a recipient, prepare a gift for them

WHAT KIND OF GIFT? Gifts should not be expensive! A letter, a mixed tape (a tape…what is that??), a doodle, your favorite book, a poem, seeds for the garden, a loaf of homemade bread

The goal of the gift is to send something that speaks to YOUR heart and that is intended to sprout
forth ADAR joyfulness in the CJCnik who receives it.


Please deliver your gift before Shabbat on March 3. 

4. WAIT AGAIN! If you sign up to send a gift, you are also going to receive one in return! In the meantime, you better get your Purim costume ready!!

Looking forward to seeing what Adar treats await you! 

WATCH YOUR EMAIL! Join us for the spiel and Megillah reading! Information will be coming to your inboxes soon!