Opportunities to Participate on Reconstructing Judaism Commissions

Two commissions of Reconstructing Judaism: the Tikkun Olam Commission (TOC) and the Joint Israel Commission (JIC), are seeking nominees to fill several seats on each commission. Terms begin September 1st and last for three years with the option to apply for a second term. Both commissions onboard new members in staggered stages so there are openings for new participants each year.  

The JIC is an advisory group designed to include people from across the spectrum of opinion found in our movement. Members of the JIC should have strong interpersonal skills, engage in respectful dialogue and debate, and commit to model civility. Members should also be committed to the success and health of the Reconstructionist movement. While members of all Reconstructionist congregations are welcome to apply, the JIC tries to maximize representation of different congregations by giving preference to nominees from congregations that are not already represented on the commission. Also, as part of the movement’s racial justice commitments, preference will be given to Jews of Color to increase the representation of their voices in the movement. To find out more about what being part of the JIC involves, please contact Rabbi Maurice Harris (mharris@reconstructingjudaism.org).    

The TOC is also an advisory group, designed to advance tikkun olam efforts across the movement. The TOC is currently focusing its efforts on racial justice and is developing resources and programs, in partnership with all appropriate stakeholders, to support movement-wide engagement on the issue of racial justice both within and beyond the Jewish community. The TOC is looking for people with a demonstrated passion for tikkun olam and a commitment to Reconstructionism. In selecting nominees, consideration will be given to candidates’ substantive qualifications, including areas of expertise, familiarity with Reconstructionist coalition partners [https://www.reconstructingjudaism.org/coalitions/], current and past roles, skills, and experiences. We will also make every effort to include appropriate representation of the range of views, interests and demographic makeup of the broader movement membership.  Finally, preference for selection will be given to Jews of Color and other folks directly impacted by racism, in order to center their voices in our work. White-identified folks are also encouraged to apply. To find out more about what being part of the TOC involves, please contact Rabbi Micah Weiss (mweiss@reconstructingjudaism.org).    

If you are a lay leader who would like to nominate yourself for the TOCplease submit your application HERE

If you are a lay member of a Reconstructionist congregation who would like to nominate yourself for the JIC, please send an email to Rabbi Maurice Harris (mharris@reconstructingjudaism.org) and he will respond with a questionnaire.  

Nominate others
To propose a nominee, any member in good standing of a Reconstructionist congregation should send an email message to: 

Rabbi Micah Weiss for the Tikkun Olam Commission (mweiss@reconstructingjudaism.org)  
Rabbi Maurice Harris for the Joint Israel Commission (mharris@reconstructingjudaism.org

In your email, please include the name of the nominee, the Reconstructionist congregation to which they belong, their contact information, and some brief remarks about why you think they would make a good addition to the TOC or the JIC. Self-nominations are permitted.  

Nominations may be submitted between now and April 14, 2023. The Nominations and Leadership Development Committee (NLDC) will review all nominations and recommend a slate of nominees for each commission to the Board of Governors and the Plenum for approval. New commissioners will begin their terms on September 1, 2023.