Rabbi Search Update

The Rabbi Search Committee (RSC) is tasked with finding an extraordinary Rabbi to fill the Religions, Spiritual, Educational, Pastoral, Social Action and related needs of  Columbia Jewish Congregation, Columbia Jewish Community School and the community

June Accomplishments

  • Welcomed new RSC member Judy Young
  • Drafted the RSC Standard Operating Procedures document outlining detailed tasks related to the milestone plan
  • Completed detailed analysis from the 1:1 interviews providing additional input on Rabbinic Characteristics and Priorities
  • Finalized February / March 2021 weekend interview schedule for Rabbi candidates
  • Initiated Risk Mitigation strategy discussions should COVID-19 prevent weekend interviews
  • Preparing initial DRAFT of Rabbi Search Application for the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Movement
  • Requested additional input from the CJC Board on topics such as internal candidates and formal policies related to a range of synagogue topics
  • Delivered the first RSC Email Communication Update to the congregation

May Accomplishments

  • Finalized committee charter, communication plan, and milestone schedule
  • Created Rabbi Search Web Page for communications to the congregation
  • Provided April update to the CJC Board of Directors
  • Obtained Beth Jacob Congregation, MN, and Oseh Shalom Congregation, MD, Rabbi Search Committee material such as interview questions and weekend interview schedules
  • Developed Rabbi/Cantor Search questions in preparation for the June CJC survey
  • Completed 9 1:1 interviews obtaining additional input on Rabbinic Characteristics and Priorities
  • Met with Rabbi Alpert of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Movement  and formally announced our Rabbi Search
  • Assembled and reviewed CJC congregational demographics as input into the Rabbi Search process

April Accomplishments

  • Initiated Discovery Phase of the Rabbi Search
    • Assembled committee of 8 members and conducted our kickoff meeting (4/1)
    • Established Organizational Chart defining Roles and Responsibilities
    • Finalized Scope Statement and drafted scope document
    • Drafted project plan defining major and minor milestones
    • Established bi-weekly meeting cadence with the committee members
    • Established a document repository
    • Initiated discovery of Rabbi Search Processes, Community Communications, Job Descriptions, and Interviewing to name a few  
  • RSC attended two Rabbi Search Town Hall meetings with the Congregation (3/31) and CJCS (4/26), as well as the Cantor Search Town Hall (4/5)
  • Met with Oseh Shalom Congregation in Laurel Maryland and obtained a briefing of their Rabbi search (4/13)
  • Met with Beth Jacob Congregation in Mendota Heights Minnesota and obtained a briefing of their Rabbi search (4/30)