Remembering Murray Simon


Murray Simon’s career spanned the globe – from his beginnings on the streets of New York, to the war-ravaged Europe of the 1940s, and to Africa and Latin America as an educator. In his retirement, he authored Remembering World War II, My Careers, Around the World from Harlem, and Memories on Reaching 90.

Born in Harlem, New York, he graduated from Boys High School in Brooklyn and enlisted in the army. After the war, he used the GI Bill and the New York State Veterans Scholarship to attend New York University, where he earned his BA, MA, and PhD.

Simon started out as a classroom teacher and administrator in North Carolina and New York. He was an administrator at NYU and an academic dean at Rockland Community College SUNY. Eventually, his career would take him to Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, El Salvador, and Guatemala in Latin America, and Botswana, Liberia, and Namibia in Africa.

He married Florence Charwat in 1946. Together they had a son, Michael Simon, and two daughters, Wendy Simon Zlotlow and Barbara Ann Simon.

Later, he married Juana Romero Simon. They have three daughters, Viviana Romero Simon, Alexandra Romero Simon, and Sarah Rina Romero Simon and resided in Columbia, Maryland.  

Prior to his passing, Murray resided at the Baltimore VA Loch Raven Center for Community Living.

CLICK HERE to read the Foreward from “Trilogy Memoirs of Murray Simon” books 2 and 3, written by Robert Kolodny, a 7th grade student of Murray’s class in 1956-57.