Caring Committee

The Caring Committee is the Heart of the Congregation

CJC has created a program that provides support, solace and hope to congregants during times of illness, suffering, loss and grief. The Caring Committee extends a hand and offers support when our members need it most. CJC’s Caring Committee recognizes our responsibility to care for one another as we fulfill the mitzvot of G’milut Hasasdim – acts of loving kindness. These acts build and nourish a network of relationships that can sustain us throughout the journey of our lives.

Our committee members call and visit congregants who are temporarily or permanently home-bound; provide rides to CJC events and services and provide meals for shiva and recuperation in addition to offering assistance for members who need help with grocery shopping.

Communicate with us.

If you or a CJC member you know needs some extra support, please tell us. Without your help we may never know that someone is in need.

Become part of our volunteer network

We are always in need of volunteers to help. All communication with the committee is through email so there are no meetings to attend. You will be on the list of people notified when help is needed. Then, you can determine if you’re able to assist in that situation. With a large network, we can accomplish more!

For more information and to sign up to be on the Caring Committee, please contact Robin, 410-730-6044.