The Ed Padow Cultural Arts Committee

If you have talent, if you would like to bring art and culture to CJC and the community, consider the Cultural Arts Committee. The Committee has mounted talent shows, “radio” shows and an Exposition of CJC artists and craftspeople. Theatrical productions featuring CJC members, have included “A Night in the Catskills”, “Fiddler on the Roof”, and “Yiddish Night” with singing, acting, comedy and talks by outside experts. The Committee has brought groups like, “Girls in Trouble” to Columbia. It sponsors juried art exhibits in collaboration with the Columbia Art Center. Past shows on “Art of the Torah” and “Art of the Tzedakah Box” featured artists from the United States and Europe.

Events on Jewish history and literature have included the highly awarded Polish-Jewish writer Henryk Grynberg speaking on how the Holocaust can be portrayed in literature, and a Tour of Jewish Baltimore, visiting the historic buildings of the Baltimore Jewish community. The committee has also promoted the work of the Handshouse Studio to recreate a wooden Polish synagogue and bring it to the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw.

For more information contact Robin, 410-730-6044.